Produce the Best Results from Your Business Writing on the Internet

Reading information on the Internet is very different from reading print material. If you use the following tips and ideas, more people will actually read what you write online. As a result, you will have the satisfaction of enjoying better results (profits) in return for your time and effort with your online business writing and promotions.
On the Internet, a completely different set of rules apply for business writing and other information than for physically printed material. These new rules can make the difference in whether your readers actually persist in reading your emails, blog pages, forum posts, and web pages, or whether they click away quickly in frustration because your material is just too hard on the eyes to easily read.
Remember these important facts:
– Dense text and tiny font sizes makes eyes TIRED.
– Light text on dark backgrounds is VERY difficult to read.
– White space is GOOD!
– Long paragraphs are too hard to easily understand while reading on the Internet.
Look from the eye of the beholder at the business writing on your web site pages, your posts in your blog(s), or your posts on discussion forums. Ask yourself the following questions:
— Does your text stretch from one edge of the monitor to the other without any space for side margins, forcing the eye to read very long line lengths across the computer monitor?
For most, it’s impossible for the human eye to comfortably follow! Keep line lengths at 65 characters or less.
— Do your paragraphs go on and on without any breaks?
Divide your material into much shorter paragraphs (even one- or two-sentence paragraphs are the best for web site writing) and use sub-headings and bullet points OFTEN.
— Does the design of your web site use light text fonts on dark-colored or black backgrounds?
Personally, more than any other factor, this makes me click off of web sites FAST, because it literally hurts my eyes so much!
Above all else, keep the business writing on your web site text black or a very dark color on a white or a VERY pale colored background area, even if your outer side margins are a darker color.
Exceptions may be on very simple web pages with very little text for the purposes of creating drama, where your light fonts are ONLY in large text in short lines on a dark background.
Examples of this would be simple splash pages or lead capture pages that have only a small amount of business writing designed to inspire someone to take an immediate action, such as subscribing to your newsletter or requesting a free report, more information, etc.
— When posting in forums, oftentimes the default way the posts appear on the resulting web pages is to show up in very long line lengths.
Personally, I usually try to remember to create manual line breaks by hitting my “Enter” key where I want my lines to end, so that my text is easier to read. I also do that when writing emails, so that the emails I write also are much easier to read.
Yes, doing that is more work for me! However, if I am already going to the effort of creating a message in the first place, I want to make it more likely that people will actually read it and (hopefully) benefit from it!
With business writing online, by making my emails, web pages, blogs, and posts to forums easier to read I can be sure that more people will actually get my message and follow through to explore more of what I have to offer, leading to more sales and profits from my various online promotions. That feels really good to me, and it makes it feel worth any extra effort it takes to improve the presentation of my business writing — actually, ANY kind of writing — on the Internet!

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