Verizon iPhone Announcement

Today is the day of the new Product Announcement by Verizon in New York City. There has been so much reported on this and it appears that it will be a live event by numerous outside of the mainstream media. We can expect to see video feeds of the event on many web sites and for others we can see live blogging by those who are there or those who are watching the live feed and doing live blogging from some other location. This event has the anticipation continuing to rise and will do so at least until 12:00 PM EST.

Impact For Verizon If they get the iPhone tomorrow, we can expect to see a lot of excitement about the phone coming. Hopefully there will be a specific date it will be in the stores. As with past Verizon product launches, most will have to purchase their phone and have it shipped to them at a later date. That has been their history. People will hold off on buying a phone from Verizon now if they are at all interesting in getting the iPhone as soon as it is available. With an increase in the number of overall customers, Verizon may feel a strain on their network as it has never been tested in the same way that AT&T’s network has.

Impact For AT&T If Verizon gets the iPhone, AT&T may not have anyone bringing their recently purchased iPhones back as it will probably be more than 30 days before the iPhone at Verizon starts selling. If it is sooner, they will have a lot of iPhones being returned. AT&T will have an immediate sales loss as people wait for Verizon.

AT&T started a sale last Friday on the iPhone 3GS for $49 and Apple followed with the same sale in their stores. With the Verizon iPhone, those sales may stop very quickly. We have also heard that AT&T and Apple may be dropping the restocking charges on these. AT&T will lose some customers and there have been estimated numbers. With the loss in customers, their network will be freed up and performance will get better.

Impact For Apple The impact on this for Apple will be an increase in sales. It is not known whether the phones will be sold in the Apple stores or not, or whether that will be the place to get them for the first week or two. That speculation has not come out or been guessed. Apple employees will be busy for the first few weeks and they can expect high volumes from people purchasing apps from their app store.

Assuming The Rumors Are True All of this is making the assumption that the speculation and rumors are true. This for many has moved to being a fact and if this is not the announcement, many will be disappointed. If there is a different product announcement, it will be a sad day for Verizon as there will be many who put the blame on Verizon for failing to get the iPhone. We will have to wait the few hours to hear along with everyone else exactly what the product announcement actually is.

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