Gaining more traffics in Digg and Youtube

In social media sites, Youtube and Digg are the two well known social networks that provide a greater impact in the field of social media marketing. It gains lots of individuals to be part of this site and viewers. Youtube is a social media site that allows its users to upload, share, and view more video clips. On the other hand, Digg is a social media site that created for individuals or users to discover and share content from anywhere in the internet through the submission of links, stories or voting and commenting to the stories or links that been submitted by its users. Just recently, it had been discovered that at some point there is a scientific formula or approach that can be use in order to gain popularity for Digg and Youtube.

This scientific formula was been discovered by Bernardo Huberman which is the Hewlett-Packards director of HP Social Computing lab and its fellow researcher which is Gabor Szabo. They have keep on studying and observing the traffic growth of these two social media sites in order to gain more knowledge on how to promote it. Based on the data that they gathered, they have found out that Digg got more votes and views during peak traffic hours compared to nights or weekends. On the other hand, YouTube videos tend to get more views in a month and most of the cases it’s been beyond the initial 30 day evaluation. To take a closer look in Digg, it been noted that stories submitted and displayed on the front page of this website gained much attention or attraction by many. This stories are usually interested and very much updated to read upon. Aside of that also, the creative design of the profile of its authors or users also provides a greater impact for several users to click on its articles and gained more popularity or traffic on its site.

The research that been conducted by Bernardo Huberman and Hewlett-Packards provides a greater impact to gain more knowledge in promoting its social media sites or account for Digg and Youtube in order to gain more traffic or viewers on it.

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