Get the Best Hosting for WordPress

It is not hard to find a hosting provider for you WordPress blog, but it is much harder to find a reliable and professional one. All the web hosting providers claim to offer the best hosting for a WordPress website, and of course many of them are just laying as the competition within this sector is really severe. The worst thing is that if we start to use bad a hosting provider, it can ruin the our whole business. If our website is not fast and stable we will surely loose visitors. Therefore, you should be very careful.

Here I would like to give some tips on what sort of things you should check out before purchasing a web hosting plan.

Disk Space – This is the storage you will get. Smaller hosting providers offer limited amount of disk space and bigger ones unlimited amount. WordPress itself does not need too much disk space normally. But if you upload many images, videos or other files it is better to pick an unlimited hosting. In my point of view, normally for one blog the minimum disk space is at least 10GB if we do not upload too many things and only one WordPress blog is installed.

Data Transfer – This is another crucial point you should look after. Data transfer is the amount of data you are allowed to transmit. Whenever somebody visit your site or download something , the data is transmitted. I’m sure you have already met a site with a message that the site is suspended because of data transfer over-usage. This typically happens if the amount of visitors or the number of downloads increase drastically. I suggest you to use a web hosting provider that offers unlimited data transfer as you will never have problem. Personally, I never choose a hosting with limited data transfer.

The Number of Domains You can Host – The biggest hosting providers allow you to host more than one domains on one account, many of them unlimited numbers. This way you can save a lot of money since you do not have to buy a new host for your new websites.

The Offered Control Panel – Fortunately, most of the hosting providers offer some sort of control panel which makes the site and account management much more easier even for a beginner webmaster. The best and mostly offered control panel is cPanel which is easy to use, but there are some others as well. Some webhosts have their own control panel which are in many cases not so good. I suggest you to choose a web host that offers cPanel.

Moreover, within cPanel Softaculous and/or Fantastico is installed which makes the installation of different sort of scripts really easy for example you can simply install WordPress with some clicks. For beginners cPanel is suggested.

Database – Another thing you should keep in mind is the number of databases you can use. I have seen some providers that offer unlimited domains, web storage etc. but only 1 or a bit more number of usable databases. For installing more complete PHP scripts such content management systems as well as WordPress, you will need a database. For instance, if you install 5 WordPress site you will need 5 MySQL databases. If the allowed number of databases is over, you can only install a script that do not use a database, and you can only set up HTML websites.

Support – The last thing you have to check before going with a hosting company is the support they offer. Check if they offer 24/7 support and also how you can get in touch with them. I like those hosts that offer support via chat.

There are quite a lot of providers that offer specially optimized hosting for WordPress, but as far as I see they are bit more expensive than a common hosting. In case, you will only use WordPress, I suggest you to use these providers.

The last thing, I recommend you to do before buying a hosting plan for your WordPress site is to check many reviews about the certain hosting provider you want to get. You can find great sites for this and you can get more help on forums as well.

Which web hosting do you suggest for WordPress?

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