Why Social Media is A Necessity

Social media should be part of every blog’s strategy to gain followers and more traffic. A well written story that succeeds in the social space can bring links, RSS subscribers, and more visitors. Your blog may even be picked up by the mainstream media and create opportunities like speaking appearances or TV mentions. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Reddit allow site owners to expose their content virally and gain massive exposure that they otherwise would not have access to. Social media strategies vary greatly and include advertising on Facebook or investment in viral content for Digg and Twitter.


Facebook recieves almost as many unique visitors per day as Google does. The social web is mainstream, especially to users of a younger demographic. Almost all college students are active on Facebook, and the site has become a center for social activity. Some sites will fit perfectly with this type of audience, while others will be more difficult to promote. Facebook users are looking to have fun, so gaming and dating are perfect to promote on this platform. If your site is centered around a less-than-interesting subject, you will need to take a unique angle to generate interest. Advertising for these sites should be attention grabbing and directed toward this demographic. The more clicks your ad gets, the less it will cost to promote your site. This will help increase return on investment and increase the amount of ad impressions Facebook will give you.


Gaining a following on Twitter involves pumping out interesting content and links centered around your blog’s topic. If you consistently provide quality information, you will begin to gain some loyal fans. Over time, your twitter account can become a hub where people go to find breaking news on your topic. Getting “retweeted” by users will help you gain followers quickly and grow your fanbase. One method for gaining fans is to get mentioned by popular people in the niche. You can accomplish this by directing questions at them and hoping for a reply. A reply from a celebrity or well-known person in the niche will bring alot of attention to you and your account. It is even possible to pay celebrities to tweet about your site or twitter account. A high profile mention can help you gain trust and cement you as an authority in your niche.

Digg & Others

Digg is another social property where you can promote your own stories and gain a following. It can be tough to get any traction when you first start because you need followers to help you bump up the initial page views. Once your stories get a few diggs, the ball starts rolling and more users will jump on board. If you can get a story to the front page, it will get a huge volume of traffic and plenty of natural links. While it is not easy to get “front paged” on Digg, a popular story can be a spring board to success in your niche.

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