Android on PC (part2): How to install Phoenix OS on your PC

Android, one of the most-used operating systems, is now available for PCs. There is a well-known Android OS for PCs is called the Remix OS that is developed by Jide technologies. However, there is a new Android OS for desktop PCs named Phoenix OS, which works like the Remix OS with a new changes. With a user-friendly interface merged between Android and Windows, this Android OS for PC comes with many features, including the Start butotn, the Taskbar, the keyboard shortcut keys, and so on. Besides, the Phoenix OS for PC allows you to download apps from Google Play in the same way you do it on your Android Mobile device. If you want to have the Phoenix OS on your PC, let us help you.

Following are steps that you can take to install the Phoenix operating system on your computer. Let’s check out now!

Step 1: Download the Phoenix operating system, which is a zip file of around 370 MB (you can easily get the download link on the Phoenix official website . You also need to download a USB Tool ( ex: USBMakter ) which burns the Phoenix operating system on your USB Flash Drive.

Step 2: Insert the USB Flash Drive. After your PC detects it, you format it with file system FAT32. To do this, you go to My Computer, right-click on the Removable Storage and choose Format. When the Format Dialog Box appears, you select Format type as FAT32 and click Start. When it throws an error saying that all your media will be deleted, you click OK

Step 3: Double-click on the USB Maker Burning Tool Exe File in the installed folder of USBMaker (etc: C:Program FilesUSBMaker…), click on Browse and then select the Phoenix OS ISO file that you downloaded in Step 1.

Step 4: With the Choose Drive to Install option, select the External USB drive (please note that your USB flash drive must have at least 4GB Memory Free).

Step 5: Click on Start/Write button

Step 6: After waiting for seconds, close all windows and restart windows

Step 7: Press Boot Key while booting, and then enter Boot Menu (by selecting the. Select USB pen drive option.

Step 8: Press Enter

That’s it! Now you will be in the Phoenix OS home screen. If you have any problems about installing this Android OS on your PC, please feel free to give your comments below.

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