BBM for Android FULL review

At last we can finally see the complete and official Blackberry Messenger for Android. This time we will try to see how good the app is in this BBM for Android review. There were a lot of hassle, rumors and delays. People were anticipating the announcement of BBM for Android and iOS since the first time Blackberry announced that possibility. During the first time it was released a while ago, the app was cancelled. Many people were disappointed.
But now let’s stop talking about the past because the real deal has finally come. Officially re-announced about a week ago, the Blackberry messenger app is now at the highlight. Many people have downloaded the app already, but is it really worth it?

BBM for android review

Blackberry Messenger for Android keeps the original design found in the original Blackberry OS. There have been several discussion about whether the BBM should change the design to attract customers or to stay with the iconic design. The majority of people thinking that BBM needs a new design are worried that the Blackberry-ish design won’t fit in with Android OS. However, after seeing it for ourselves we have confirmed that there is no need for a new design, because the BBM design is somehow fitted properly with the Android OS.
Now let’s get technical. There are two menus, the left and the right. The left side works as an app navigation, while the right menu changes depending on your action. The chat box is very Blackberry-like, which is just fine with us. Updating your status, changing your profile picture, and seeing your BBM PIN is as easy as tapping your picture. You can see your contacts’ information using the same method.

blackberry messenger for android

The app works great. There are several ways to add contacts to your contact list, including using the NFC, scanning a barcode, and sending PIN via text messages or email. The chatting itself is a breeze. Aside of that, you can send photos and voice notes too. Broadcasting your message to your multiple contacts is also possible. The emoji acts as a nice expression during your chat. There’s also the ever-popular PING feature. Making groups out of your contacts is also possible.
Bottom line is, this app is a perfect presentation from the original one that we saw in Blackberry devices, except for the video chat (but that will come too, i guess.).

Let’s start with the cons of BBM. The interface design is rather too minimalistic. Although all of the essential functions were working splendidly, we are not sure how well will the BBM for Android fare against other design-centered messaging platform such as Line.
In the pros section, we like the Group system. It is solid, and you can really organize things splendidly with this feature. For example, you can create a ‘family’ group, ‘work’ group, etc, and then you can share gallery, events and do group chat as well. Second, we like how it can perform very well. It is smooth, fast, and very easy to use and to understand. The NFC way to add contact is also a good call.
Overall I think this is a solid effort from Blackberry. Another advantage that we almost forgot to mention in this BBM for Android review is the number of users. BBM has always been one of the most popular messaging platforms after all./AndroidKlip []

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