What’s Your Excuse for Not Losing Weight?

We all have excuses for not losing weight, eating healthier and exercising. We all cry, “Not enough time.” Some people use, “Not enough money.” Sometimes it’s the cookies your grandma baked and you have to eat them. The point is that there is and always will be some excuse. You have to learn to throw the excuses in the garbage and commit to your health.

The Today show has a segment called “The Joy Fit Club.” Nutritionist Joy Bauer features people who have lost over 100 pounds and kept it off through eating and exercise, and not surgery. They are very inspiring stories!

Today they had on Jennifer who lost over 142 pounds. At her heaviest she was 312 pounds and wore a size 30. She said she was treated like a disease, that people wouldn’t look her in the eyes, say hello, or hold a door open for her. She felt like people were always looking at her and thinking about how big she was.

She also said she had a sore knee and she used it as her excuse for everything–why she couldn’t run after her kids or exercise. Her friends and family told her she was “just big boned” and that being overweight was “in her genes,” even though she was the only overweight person in her family.

There are some common themes among all the Joy Fit Club stories. All the people say they felt “out of control”. They also all mention having a “turning point” or an “ah-ha moment”. Jennifer’s turning point was seeing an old friend walking down the street and turning around and hiding because she didn’t want that person to see how much weight she had gained and how she looked. She also said when she saw her reflection in a mall window, she realized that obese person was her. Another Joy Fit Club member mentioned seeing herself on a video and finally realizing how big she was.

Anyone who has struggled with weight loss has felt “out of control”. We all have excuses we use for not eating better or exercising. It’s important to realize that’s all they are–excuses! You can make excuses or you can lose weight, but you can’t do both.

What will your AH-HA moment be? When will you get fed up with feeling out of control and take control of your health?

Jennifer started going to TOPS–Taking Off Pounds Sensibly. One important thing she learned there was self worth. She said she learned that, “I was worth being healthy and fit.” At one point, she had lost 80 pounds. She went into full cardiac arrest–had a heart attack. She was 32 years old and the youngest person in the cardiac ward. If she hadn’t already lost those 80 pounds, she would not have survived.

Please don’t wait to lose weight. Find an ah-ha moment, throw your excuses OUT, decide you’re worth it and start changing your life RIGHT NOW.

This is how Jennifer describes her life now–”wonderful”, “fabulous”, and “amazing”. Does she miss the doughnuts, cheesy fries with bacon and ranch, or big burgers with onion rings? She said, “Nope. I actually crave salads, chicken and healthy foods.” Even if the transition is hard at first, you will get used to it, your body will thank you and it is totally worth the effort!

You are worth it and you can do it! No excuses!


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