5 WordPress Plugins That Will Boost Traffic to Your New Blog Fast • Tutorials 3

If you want to build a successful and popular WordPress blog, you need to install several good plugins to your blog for a starter. Why is it important? That’s because WordPress plugins can help to boost your blog’s performance in the search engine. Thus, they can help you to drive traffic to your blog as soon as your blog is published online. These plugins are very important for your new blog. Here are 5 WordPress plugins that will boost traffic to your new blog fast:


1. SEO plugin

First of all, when you have a new blog, you will not have any power in the search engine. Thus, your SEO level is zero. You can’t attract traffic from the search engine as soon as your blog is published. You need to cultivate the traffic by creating content after content for quite a long period of time (typically 3-6 months) before you can settle your place in the search engine and drive consistent traffic to your blog.

In order to make your content optimized for the search engine, you need the help of SEO plugin. There are many SEO plugins that you can use in WordPress, such as All-in-One SEO Pack, WordPress SEO by Yoast, SEO-friendly Image, SEO Content Control, SEO Ultimate, and so on.


2. XML Sitemap plugin

It is important for you to create a sitemap for your blog so that the search engine spider can index and rank your website smoothly. Consider this as a map for your blog (as the name suggests) so that search engines can easily locate content within your blog without any difficulty. This will also help to boost the indexing process of your blog. A couple good XML sitemap plugins for WordPress are Google XML Sitemaps and Simple Google Sitemap XML.


3. Related posts plugin

It is important for you to keep your blog visitors engaged with your blog. This will help you to minimize your blog’s bounce rate, which will also help you to establish good authority in the search engine. Remember that websites or blogs that have low bounce rate are considered valuable and reputable by search engine’s standard because they are proven to have good quality content that can engage their audience for a long time.


Thus, it is necessary for you to install related posts plugin in your new blog in order to keep your readers busy reading your blog posts. Some good related post plugins are MicroKids Related Posts, Zemanta Related Posts, and WP-Related Posts.


4. Spam blocker plugin

You have to prevent your blog to become a favorite place for spammers. If you have a good blog, then you will inevitably meet lots of spammers within your blog, trying to add their own website links without contributing any meaningful comment to your blog. Search engines really hate these spam comments.

Thus, if your blog contains these spam comments, your blog will tend to be regarded as spammy, and search engines will tend to give low ranking to your blog. It will be difficult for you to raise your rank with all those spam comments within your blog. That’s why you need to block those spam comments and ensure that they don’t clutter your blog at all. A good and most popular spam blocker plugin for WordPress is Akismet.


5. Social media plugin

Today’s internet age is the age of social media. There are many ways for people to go social in this internet age. Thus, it is also important for your blog to be social as well. In fact, search engines really value a website or blog who has strong social media following and popularity. Thus, social media plugin is necessary for your blog.

There are some social media plugins that you can use in your new WordPress blog, such as ShareThis, Sociable, Get Social, and Social Metrics.


Those are 5 recommended plugins that will boost traffic to your new blog fast. With the use of those plugins, you will be able to kick start your new blog and make it popular within a short period of time.

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