5 Ways to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Even if you’ve hired the best content writer in the world, you still need a marketing plan to get people to read what they wrote. Ultimately, your promotion strategy is as important as blogging itself.

Twitter has over 500 million worldwide users. Each account represents a user who could potentially help your blog go viral. How do you expect to tap into Twitter’s marketplace if you’re not using it to drive traffic to your website?

When used properly, Twitter can give you the extra ump you need to get your blog rock ‘n and rollin’. So the real question is, how to use Twitter the right way. As a copy writer, I’ve tried tweeting out my blog title in a desperate—and somewhat pathetic—attempt to drive traffic back to my blog. The results? Disappointing, to say the least.

You don’t have to go through the same painful learning curve I did. I’ve been through the failures and I’ve found a few helpful strategies that do get people from the Twittersphere into my little corner of the world wide web, and I’m sharing them with you down below.

Get creative. Instead of simply tweeting, “Read my new blog post here” and sharing a link, make people want to check it out, and do it in 10 words or less. Pull out an interesting point and turn it into a short tweet.

Grab your audiences’ attention with a quote from your post. Use one that summaries your content and makes it appetizing. Research shows that tweets with quotes get click through rates 54% higher than those that don’t use them. Give them something to retweet.

If your post has stats to back it up, or if you can pull some information that supports your article, use it in your tweet. Make it your mission to use intriguing facts that get your followers talking.

Example: “Did you know in 2014 there were over 17 million fewer twitter followers? Find out more by clicking here.”

Hashtags are the quintessential way to connect with a broad-spectrum audience. If used correctly, you can easily drive traffic to your blog. Create a new hashtag to promote your blog by making it short and interesting.

Alternatively, you can use general hashtags that relates to your blog post directly. For example, if your post relates to social media marketing use those three words as a hashtag to reach more users.

It seems simple enough, but according to statistics, if you ask your followers to retweet your post (a simple ‘please retweet’ will suffice) you’ll increase your retweets by 12 to 23 times more than people who don’t. It takes very little effort and offers a huge increase in retweets, so why not try it out?

As a copy writer, learning how to use Twitter has been an essential part of driving traffic to my blog. Try out these strategies for yourself. The goal is get people to read the content you work so hard to put there, so make the most of your Twitter account by using it the right way.


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