Fly with the zombie airlines, they guarantee to reach 14 cities across US as fast as you never experienced. Sit on the open-air seat close to captain zombie and see other zombie passengers jump from the plane to bite some jet fighters/UFOs. Enjoy crashing on the US cities and spread out an infection.

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Plenty of time our opponents are zombies, Let’s change to the opposing side! Zombie Ace from Hothead Games is the side scroll flighting game which shows the funny story of the zombie airline. I believe that it is the fastest airline in the world since their goal is to land or Crash on the ground to spread an infection around the cities. This is not an ordinary flight, you have to fight against the mankind who tries to stop your plane from spreading the virus to them by throwing the zombie passengers to attack them and collecting some cash to upgrade your plane and unlock stuffs. Tight your seat belt, it’s time for a one way trip!

The game play of Zombie Ace, As you are the captain of this infested plane. Your daily task is to land/crash the plane on the cities to spead out the infection. In order to control the plane, Tap on the screen to fly higher and it will move down if you pull out the finger. Only one thing you need to do is to think about the infection! With the limited fuel bar, you have to think carefully where you could land the plane otherwise, it crash on the ground.

The road of infections is not so easy, you will find many enemies like the jet fighters/copters not even aliens’ UFO, what you need to do is to tap on them to throw the hungry passengers on them, they will bite the enemies for you. One their task is completed, they will put in the parachute and hold the gold coin, don’t forget to give them a ride back to your plane! Don’t forget to meet your comrade by crashing on infested truck, you will find the very useful Dr.Suck who equipped with a large magnet which suck all coins and items to your plane or the Booster guy who’s use his unbelievable power to boost up your plane!

After getting some cash, it’s time to pay it. Before starting the mission, Zombie Ace will bring you to the shop where you can upgrade your plane or unlock the new one. Each plane can be upgraded their parts. For example, you can upgrade the engine to increase the maximum speed so your plane can go farther for each flight. Upgrading the additional seat for more passengers, unlocking new captain and more. Moreover, you will see the changes to your plane once the upgrade is succeed! I very love it!

In conclusion, Zombie Ace is the EPIC side-scroll flighting game which you must own. The game story will make you lol and the game also delivers a very high quality graphic representing in a cartoon tone. The game progress can be seen on the %infection bar. So the player will start planing where do they go to speard the virus. The gameplay is not so hard and fitted with the control so anyone can get addicted to it. The plane can be upgraded and you can unlock new stuffs. So the player will keep finding the cash to unlock em’up. One last thing is about the achivement system connecting to the game center that make compettition between players. Very great detailed works, you must download it now!

I would like to rate this game as 5/5 STARS (COOL! MUST HAVE!)

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