How To Make Autoresponders Work For Yout

Hope you are having a great week so far. Alright, today I’m going to give you a first-hand look at how to make your website or your emails, automotically respond back to people.
The reason you need to do this is, People Want Information. And they want it fast. When people join groups or purchase things online, especially information, they expect fast service. Therefore, you need to deliver information to them fast. This is where having an autoresponder service really pays off. 
An autoresponder, specifically, is a powerful email service that allows you to auto-respond back to emails sent to it, it can schedule emails to be sent out days or months in advance and it can broadcast email messages to a group or anyone in the email list that you own. An autoresponder service will store and help you manage a list of email addresses. It can also provide unique features, like automatically filling in the person’s first and last name, correcting and capitalizing a person’s first initials of first and last names. These extra features help to personalize the message and increase the likelihood your emails will be opened, read and responded to. Lastly, an autoresponder automates email deliveries. You can literally Make Autoresponders Work For You.
As you can see, this is really important. That is why I’m going to focus on teaching you how to set one up first. This will be the heart and soul of your Internet Marketing machine.  Most people don’t teach you these things or take enough time to impress upon you the importance of this tool because it gives them a real advantage. However, personally, I don’t like doing things halfway. The other factor is that, I’m actually a business owner, and I know the importance of training. The better you train people and mentor them, the stronger, unified and more successful your business is going to be.
So, let me teach you how to make your life easier.
I am going to give you the instructions for what email service to sign up for. And what I want you to do is go back and get that email I sent you – RIGHT NOW. The one titled “HOW TO MAKE CASH LEVERAGING WORK FOR YOU”.  Please pause right now and do this. 
(Please have that email ready.)
In fact, save all the emails I send you into the future, including this one. Because you are going to need them and use them for yourself. I’m giving you my marketing material. 
You are going to need that email, because that email is going to be the one you are going to send out to your website visitors. I need you to copy and paste it into your first autoresponse email using this service.
Alright, here are the steps you need to take right now.
1. Sign up for either – the free autoresponse service I recommended
Or sign up for the one I use and prefer below. Again, it’s up to you but I prefer this next one because of the personal touch it offers of automatically typing in a person’s name and because it helps to increase responses. The decision is yours, however the one below is a better choice.
After all, people respond better when they see their names first in an email. I personally respond well to emails if they do have my name in the subject header. Therefore, you will get a better response if you have that feature in the autoresponder service you use too. This is the service I prefer: 
If you want set by step instructions, including pictures of what I am explaining here, visit the following address:
These instructions are also the same instructions I will be emailing you tomorrow. This is the information we will be covering next.
2. Now, once you have your account setup, create your first autoresponse message. Simply follow the instructions and create your first email response. Remember copy and paste the first email I sent you.
3. Here is the slightly more  technical part. Create an autoresponse Form using your account. Use the detailed instructions from the link above if you need help.
4. Next, take this form. Aweber will give you the code by the way, and paste it into your website. Simply copy and paste it somewhere on your home page or a different page. 
5. Once you have entered your form into the web page, take that page and upload it into your webhosting space. You will copy and paste index.html into your webhost space. Then all you need to do is go to your webbrowser, type in your domain name and you will see that exact page on your home page.
6. Ok, so lets’ say that you copied my site. All you need to do is replace your information where mine is. Replace my links with  yours. You now have a home page with the autoresponse form and the link to the cash leveraging network all on the same page and you start referring people. When they fill out the form, you will receive a copy of that message and they will receive your automatic email response.
7. You are almost done. What I highly recommend is that you create 7 more autoresponse message in your account. Even if they are simply reminders or your tips. Just create more follow up message that people can receive 3 days later from their initial sign up date. This way the remember to go back and it will increase your success rate.

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