How To Improve English Writing Skills

4 Tips improve your Writing skill for English

Hello friends today I have come to learn important lesson. How to improve your writing skill to English not talking about hand writing. I am talking about writing. When I say why writing?Because it is very important part of communication skill. Today I am go help you how to improve your writing skills. I sure everyone good writing so that I am give you some tips with should improve yourself let go.

Do not use contraction

What is this word contraction means its means contracting your word. I am writhing few word which word are contraction like don’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wasn’t. Now why you talking you not use this contraction. Make my writing little faster I can finish my work first. Why do waste my time. This day we are writing lot of email lot of business letters. I am sure you do so when you think sound good if you say was like Don’t, wouldn’t, Couldn’t no its not sound good. Best Tips Finder So I am go to help you understand why do not use contractions. I have contraction in the word don’t. I donot attend the meeting. If you used donot kind sentence it go to make sound little more mature to talk. So do not writing your business letter or your business email that not sound good. improve writing skills

Avoid Using “There is/There are”

When you are use your sentence there is or there then it’s not a perfect sentence. Look at this here “ There is an exhibition at the hotel.” This is my sentence now I want to do my sentence. I want to use to look little better. I want to use those combinations for word which I can make my sentence look and sound better can telling how can do that. There are another inter to write the sentence.”The hotel is holding an exhibition.” Which means yo9u know grammar very well. This is very important tips to writing skills. Another word is “There are” why should you do not use this word at this sentence like “There are many problem in her class” but if you say “Her class is facing Problem” so why you use noise sentence. Do you see this sentence meaning so why my sentence is clatter unnecessary word correct short make your sentence clear and people understand and understand to other to a good writer.

Avoid Using –Very, Really, A lot

In English language many word which was not required we simple say very hot .If I say hot is what changing anything no. We donot understand word Very. You donot need to use every sentence but we do .I telling how look at this sentence “ Many students think journalism very hard” But if I only write” Many students think journalism difficult ”.It making is changing no. It is not change your above sentence manning is same. Improve writing skills So why we use unnecessary word in a sentence to clatter it.

When I writing any kind of sentence we are always use week verb its do not sound good to writing skills. Like this sentence “He gave Assistance to any friend” Here gave is my verb and assistance my Noun if I format another way with stronger verb like “He assisted my friend” Do this both sentence give the same meaning yes the do. Here assisted a strong verb.Improve writing skills It never a better word its better sentence. That way I main use strong verb of your writing any paper.

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