Gluey the Game for Kids

This is a very simple game to play but it requires some logical analysis. You will be dealing here with a group of globs composing various types of colors and sizes. Your main task is to stick the globs together matching with their type of colors.

It sounds easy but the level of difficulty will increase as you progress towards the next higher level.

Gluey Tutorial

I will now explain how to play Gluey. If you have successfully downloaded the game interface then click on the Start button to begin. You should also notice that the Zen Mode is currently locked. This will only be unlocked when you manage to complete all level of different challenges. Level one (1) will immediately start along with some dialog that will prompt your for some game instruction.

1. Removing the bottom blob

The sample will show you two red and one green blobs at the bottom of the container. Your goal here is to let the two red blobs on both sides stick together. This can be done by removing the green blob. Clearing a certain blob will require you to use your mouse through clicking the target blob with your left button. The two red blobs will now going to merge increasing its size into a bigger form.

2. Large Group Score

The previous merged of gluey globs are composed of six (6) units and they will provide you a total score of plus thirty (+30) when cleared away. Take note that a larger group will give you a higher score than simply clicking a small group. You have to know that you won’t be able to surpass your target score when you rely on clearing blobs composing of two or three only but not when you are able to form a large group of blob then eliminated them for two or three times.

3. Releasing from the Trap

You will notice that the purple blob has a small yellow dot contained on its body. This is a “Trapped Blob” and it can only be released when you are going to eliminate the group containing the dot.

4. Power Ups

Considering that you have followed the instructions above. What remains now is the yellow blob containing a cross mark on its body and this indicates some “Power Ups”. Clicking this group of yellow blobs will provide you a random drop of an extra additional four (4) blobs.

Click everything to clear the remaining blobs in the container glass giving you a total score of plus two hundred (+200)points. On every successful game completion the following statistics will be shown: Game Score, Level Score, Level Goal, Largest Group and the button to Continue.

Additional Items on the Higher Challenges

If you manage to play Gluey and able to reached level five (5) then you might be surprised about the locked globs.

So what’s a locked glob?

Notice that they contain a lock symbol inside their bodies. This means that they are permanently stuck on that position blocking the ordinary type of blobs from flowing down at the bottom of the bottle. Anyway, they can also be eliminated just like the other regular form of globs.

Gluey Game Interface

Look at the right side panel of your screen. You have there a table that shows your “Target Score” and the current score that you currently have. Refer on this table of scores every time you manage to clear a large group of globs.

Proceeding to the next higher level will increase the number of blobs contained in the container. This will become one of the reason that increases the difficulty of every challenges onwards.

There are several options located on the top right corner of your screen that allows you to turn the music on/off, turn the sound on/off, restart the level, and to quit the game. You can adjust these options for the best suitable condition while you play.


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