Beginning a New Word Press Blog – Where to Start

I have started a new blog this week. It’s been a while since I started from scratch so I thought it might be interesting to share what I did.

First of all, I personally use the Socrates Premium Word Press Theme. So naturally I started from there.

I began to follow the basic practices outlined in the simple set up videos offered by the Socrates Theme site. It is very easy to do the basics.

For my header I bought in a unique, bespoke graphic for my header from a contact I have in India…. it cost just $12.But Socrates has lots of headers you can choose from that would suit most topics. It is just I needed something unique.

I then sorted out the basic layout – the navigation, the click bank monetisation, the links to my social networks. I included a google analytics code – free to use and easy to set up. All of this is easy to do because the Socrates layout has prompts and spaces for you to include links and code.

From there I installed plugs ins that would help my blog. Easy to do. All Free. Just go to my Plug in tab in the Dashboard and upload the basic plug ins that I use. DIGG DIGG for social networking, all in one SEO Pack for SEO, Comment Luv to reward people and give them back links to comment on the blog. All easy to do.

Then, the next job was to link my blog to my auto-responder, something that is necessary to capture subscribers so that you can provide information for them on the topic you are blogging on.

Internet Marketers say: “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST” . This can be interpreted as, “THE INFLUENCE IS IN THE LIST.” Whatever you are blogging on , you want to maximise your opportunity to share your information regularly through an autoresponder. I promise you that this is so easy you could set up all of this in under 2 hours.
The result? This is my new blog – it is in a totally different niche that I am used to, but as an example of a blog created in under an hour, I am sure you agree that it is not too bad. I have a lot more to do , but I don’t think it is too bad for an hours work… depending when you view the blog, there may be a few more posts on there, but basically we are in week 1 .

So can you do that? Of course you can. But if you have any need of help to do it, why not check out our very inexpensive course, complete with how to videos on: Choosing your niche, setting up your blog, SEO’ing your blog to get noticed on the search engines, monetising your blog, posting, linking to facebook and networked blogs, getting traffic…..


Blogging is hugely rewarding media. It gets you noticed across the internet. It helps you get connected to a much wider audience than any other internet publishing model. The Search Engines love a blog.

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